Monday, 9 September 2013


Well, it's been a little while since I last posted (must do a bump update as the one below looks tiny compared to my 34 week football!!)

Today, I finally finished the nursery! My sister has kindly given us loads of clothes as she has a 2 year old son so there was so much to put away and get organised! She helped me out today and I am so relieved to have everything in its place.

We decided on bright colours for the room and with one wall already being bright blue, we painted the other bright orange. I really didn't want anything too pastel and knowing the gender meant we could go for it a bit more.

The curtains were originally part of a Mamas and Papas set which was over £100 but since I only wanted the curtains, I managed to get a £12 bargain on ebay.

We have gone with a very boyish theme of cars and guitars with blue and orange as the main colours and a touch of green.

The cot bedding was from Kieran's mum and was from John Lewis' transport range. The orange cars on the blue background matched our theme perfectly.

The cotbed was from an online supplier called Online4baby which I was dubious of using at first but since you could pay by PayPal it seemed safe. The sleigh style cotbed was delivered promptly and was great quality so it was worth it for such a good bargain (an extra bargain as it was my Mum's treat).

We finished it off with an over cot changer as we figured it would be easier than bending down - especially with two small dogs into everything! The polka dots matched the underside of the bedding and curtain tops! It was about £20 from Toys R Us. The final touch was a transport mobile from Mothercare.

We wanted some bright wall art and knew we wanted to introduce a guitar theme. I looked online but the prints were either too expensive or too dull or too grown up. I decided to go to Hobbycraft and pick up some £5 frames and some black and coloured card for about £5 total and make my own. I just drew out guitar silhouettes on the black and glued them on to some white card with cut out coloured strips. Once I framed them they looked pretty good and perfectly co-ordinated with the room!

We got this handy storage unit from Very and added the green baskets from the Range.

The top cupboard holds the daily essentials for nappy changing - a supply of nappies, wipes, creams and powders that we can easily grab. We also have a bib basket as we figured we'd be grabbing a few of these each day too. The other basket holds teddies at the moment as we have accumulated quite a few! We also have a basket for hats, mittens and gloves as they are too tiny to warrant a whole drawer! The other cupboards have knitwear and bits like the bottle warmer hidden away.

We were lucky as when we bought the house last year, the previous owners left a wardbrobe and chest of drawers that had barely been used. We have stored our supply of nappies on top for now (along with the car seat).

We have his name on the wall but since we are keeping it a secret I've blanked it out for now!

We have a few smarter things hanging in the wardrobe and then a couple of coats and sleep suits.
In the boxes we have blankets, sheets, toys and some spare bath bits and towels. All three drawers are sleep suits as we have so many thanks to my sister giving us my nephew's old ones. They are all in age order (for now) so should be easy to find what we need.
It's just such a relief to have things in the right place but I am sure we will start adjusting it as we start using the room.
The baby will be in a crib in our room for a while first but we plan to change him in his room so he can get used to being in there.
Only 5 more weeks until he is here!!

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