Sunday, 30 October 2011

Table plan.

Oh the table plan. One of the more stressful parts of any wedding. Who to sit where? Well I've decided not to worry about that just yet and just get on with making it! I really wanted to make it myself and after looking at several blogs, developed the idea below.

It all started with a blank canvas. Well, technically it was a canvas with a big, ugly flower on it from Dunelm that was reduced to £6.99 (blank canvases from art shops were a LOT more ££). I then covered it in Cath Kidston material using my glue gun. Well, technically, Cath Kidston style material from ebay!!

Next, with the help of my trusty glue gun, I attached lengths of ribbon.

I decided to use all different kinds of ribbon, as you may have guessed from the dresses below, I don't like anything to be too matchy!

For the names, I used luggage tags. I stamped each person's name on to a bit of pink card (letter by letter) as this meant I wasn't wasting luggage tags if I made a mistake and also it looked better (in my opinion). I stuck the name to the tag and used a cute little peg to attach to the table plan.

Hearts are a running theme throughout the wedding so I was pleased I found the pegs. They fit in well. As for the table names, I'll keep you guessing on that for a little while.

Material: ebay
Canvas: Dunelm
Pegs: Ebay
Luggage Tags: Ryman
Ribbon: Haberdashery
Total cost: approx £15 plus 2 hours time!

My dogs.

Meet Beau and Lola. My beautiful bichon frise pups. I say pups but Lola, the one on the left, is 2 and Beau, the one on the right, will be 3 on New Year's Eve.

They make me happy every day.

Bridesmaids' meal.

I had a great night last night with 3 out of 4 of my bridesmaids. It was so nice for them all to meet properly and they get on so well. We may have over done the eating though...

This chocolate fondue looked a lot more appetising before we all got stuck in!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

My wedding ring.

This post definitely fits under love. As in I love love LOVE my wedding ring!!

We went to the jewellery quarter in Birmingham not really knowing what we wanted. After trying on about 17,000 rings I came across a dainty ring with little diamonds that matched my engagement ring and a slight dip in it to make room for the sapphire stone. It didn't even need to be re-sized - I think that's what they call a Cinderella sign!

Is it bad that I keep sneaky it out of the box and trying it on?! I need to stop that! So, here is the little beaut!

Now I'll just stare at this page for hours rather than get the ring out - that's better, right?

Whilst we're on the subject of bridesmaids...

I just couldn't resist sharing their hair accessories - these cute little pins. I'm letting them choose to have their hair however the want - just as long as they use the pins!! They all have colours to match their dresses - here is blue rangers...

My wedding.

So, as I mentioned, I'm getting married in 7 months so thought I would give you a sneak peak of my wedding so you can see how it's shaping up...

These are the bridesmaids dresses:

I was very much against matchy matchy dresses - isn't showing up at a wedding in the same dress as someone else THE wedding faux pas?! Luckily, my girls all had a different favourite so all got their first choice colour and they suit them so well...

So there are my beautiful, headless bridesmaids!

We're going out tonight for a bridesmaids meal so they can all meet each other. Well, green ranger and coral ranger are my friends from school so know each other already. And blue ranger is my sister who knows all of the other rangers. And pink ranger is Kieran's sister who knows blue ranger (my sister). So they sort of do know each other but it's still a good excuse for a meal out!