Sunday, 20 November 2011


I have been slacking a little on the wedding planning of late as the house buying has taken over. All things are go at the moment and we have our fingers tightly crossed that nothing falls through and we can be living in our own lovely house in the New Year!

In my excitement, and maybe foolishly, I have already begun buying up bits and bobs for the house. I have been relatively sensible in that I am only buying things that would be applicable to any house we bought. You know, the essentials like cutlery, glasses, a giant sign that says LOVE that you need to hang on the wall of your shabby chic themed bedroom. As I said, essentials.

However, I am planning on using the LOVE sign to hang from the top table at the wedding as well so it is truly multi purpose!

So, I've been have a great time going out visiting my new favourite shops (Wilkinsons, Dunelm and TK Maxx!!) with my sister. Despite being two years younger, she has her own house and is the expert on household utensils (in fact, it seems 'utensils' is her favourite word!) She was advising me of all of the things I simply must have, including a culinder!!

Sis: You really need to have a culinder.
Me: A what?!
Sis: Do you not even know what a culinder is?
Me: Ermm, I know what a colander is!!
Sis: It's deffo called a culinder!
Me: It's really not. Why would I listen to the person who thought it was BOOquet?!
Sis: It is booooquet.
Me: It's bouquet. And Colander. And Avatar for that matter.
Sis: Don't start with AvARtar...

Basically, me and my sister talk rubbish all day. But she talks slightly more rubbish than me. Anyway, here is the object of disagreement. Is it wrong that I was excited by this? Is it wrong that I favour Wilkinson over Topshop?! What's happening to me!?

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