Sunday, 8 January 2012

Suits you.

So, I have already alluded to what a great weekend I seem to be having so I thought I would share the main reason for it being so.

Yesterday, Kieran and I randomly decided to head off to Bicester Shopping Village to see if we could track down a suit for him. He had won a large sum on the horses in November and had sensibly put is aside to buy his dream wedding suit.

We knew from the early stages that we wouldn't be hiring traditional wedding suits with patterned waistcoats that co-ordinated with satin cravats and matched the bridesmaids. It just wasn't our style. Kieran is also very particular (and very well dressed) and so we knew it would have to be a special suit. He wears one each day for work and so we had decided a 3 piece suit would help make it feel more special. He also knew he wanted grey (not too light or too dark) with a slight pattern to the material.

His favourite designer is Paul Smith and so we thought we'd end up with a Paul Smith suit but the selection at Bicester wasn't great (they don't get the 3 pieces in until April and I would have been in full panic mode by then!)

We ended up going to Savoy Taylors Guild and being assisted by a lovely lady called Debbie (who informed us she was leaving but I'm sure the other staff are just as nice!) They too mainly had 2 piece suits but when Kieran found one he absolutely loved (French Connection, dark grey, feint purple check) Debbie suggested having the tailor make a bespoke waistcoat to match. This did mean buying another suit so the trousers could be used for the waistcoat and the jacket lining on the back of the waistcoast (which, by chance, was grey with a light grey polka dot so perfectly in keeping with our Cath Kidston wedding).

However, since we had anticipated spending £500+ on a Paul Smith suit, buying 2 suits at £150 plus paying for the bespoke waistcoat actually worked out cheaper than planned and was totally worth it to get exactly what we wanted.

And, I got emotional. As he was hovering in front of the mirror, pulling at the jacket and having his trousers turned up, I just kept thinking that this is the suit I am going to see him at the end of the aisle in. He looked so handsome and smart and I felt so proud thinking I would be walking towards him in my dress as he stood in this suit. I was trying not to well up in case everyone else in the shop thought I was mad but I couldn't help it. It's a moment I will remember and I can't wait to go back in a couple of weeks to pick it all up and to see Kieran try it on with his shirt, tie and cufflinks.

Bicester was also all wintery and festive still which I think made it all the more magical. So here he is, my handsome groom...

Sunday Shoes.

Hello Everyone!

I am sure, like me, many of you are back at work after the Christmas break. I was dreading going back but as I sit here on a Sunday after a frantic first week, I almost feel pleased about being back! Obviously, I miss the lie ins, the week day shopping, stuffing my face on left overs and chocolates but what I do like it the routine!

I know it is Sunday today. I knew it was Saturday yesterday. I no longer feel like I've lost track of days and time. I eat meals at normal times and feel so much more productive! Of course, I probably won't be as appreciative of work come 7am tomorrow but as I relax on a  Sunday afternoon I feel quite happy.

I've had a really great weekend of which I will fill you in on throughout the week. For now, I just wanted to share my Sunday Shoes. Which, to keep up the theme of routine, are very a structured Topshop treat.

I love the geometric, shiny gold detailing on the back. I love how purple they are - feels so rich! The heel is so chunky and the platform so big that they are actually comfy - honestly! They are difficult to walk in though as I am about 6 inches taller in them and feel out of sorts! It's worth it though. I also feel that with all this cold weather we've had (anyone else actually quite enjoyed the wind from the comfort of their warm house?!) that the ice may set in and heels will be packed away so I'm making the most of them!

Happy Sunday everyone!


Sunday, 1 January 2012

Sunday Shoes.

Happy New Year to all!

I hope you all had a good time last night no matter how you celebrated and aren't feeling too bad today!

In the past, I have always found New Year's Eve a bit of a let down. There is such a big build up and we watch so many films that work us up to the moment at midnight where everything works out perfectly and then when it doesn't quite work out like that in real life it seems a real anti climax!

In the past I have been stood in a queue to a club, lost all of my friends inside a club, witnessed a fight, stuck in a busy restaurant still waiting for the desserts to turn up...

Last night, a group of friends played it low key and had a small gathering at their house. There were 10 of us and it worked out perfectly! We had home made vodka jellies (great idea at the time), watched Big Ben count us on on TV and were all together at midnight!

Despite being a quiet gathering, the girls still decided to dress up and I had no problem deciding what shoes to wear!! I got some Sam Edelman killer heels in the Harvey Nichols sale last Wednesday (£80 off!!) especially for the occasion:

They may actually be my true love! They were dead comfy and I just love the killer heel (literally killers - you could have someone's eye out with those studs!!) The only problem was finding the right outfit to go with them! After trekking around loads of shops I ended up in a dress I had had for ages! Which was kind of a good thing since the new house has left me poor!!

In fact, that leads me to my number 1 New Year's Resolution - to not impulse buy so much! That's not the same as not shopping - it just means I think before I buy! I had a clear out this week in preparation for the move and realised I had so many worn once clothes! Some even still had labels on! I felt awful! I bagged loads up for charity and have vowed to spend less and wear more this year (a tip from Gok Wan).

Let's hope I can stick to it! I know Kieran will be hoping I do!!