Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Lomography pics

I finally got my lomography pics developed this week by Lomography UK. I was really nervous to see what they turned out like as you never know. A few were over exposed so I'll remember not to hold down for too long next time but most came out pretty good.

I love the different effects and having authentic instagrams! Here are some of my faves:

At first I didn't like this but after some reassurance I actually think it's pretty cool. The cropped off heads are so typical of old family photos so I'm going to claim it was on purpose!

 This was taken without winding on and actually was on purpose. I love the orange berries on the trees from the first shot being overlaid on the second more distant photo.

 I love how feint and spooky looking this one of the bridge came out as it reflects the environment. My sister came with me to this creepy place and was scaring the crap out of me the whole time so this ghostly image is perfect!

 I love this one of Cameron as he closes his eyes for the flash! So cute!

 This is my favourite one of all. I can't remember if I delibrately captured the deckchairs to the right or not as this was one of the first pics I took but I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

 I used the pink filter on the flash for this one. It's made Lola's dreams of being a pink dog come true!

This is Kieran celebrating the unexpected Villa win over Man City a few weeks ago. The dogs have their own Villa outfits on!
All photos were taken on Diana F+ with 120 colour negative film ISO 400