Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday Shoes.

Sunday Shoes has been missing for a few weeks and so I thought I would treat you all with two pairs of shoes today and a very long story about my total indecision over wedding shoes.

I bought my FIRST pair of wedding shoes around 12 months ago. I had seen a beautiful wedding on a blog where the bride had a quirky paid of Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Ladydragon shoes on. The big love heart on the front fitted my theme, the colour fitted my love of pink, they were 20% off, reasonable heel and smelt delicious (smell is not normally a factor I consider when purchasing shoes but I made an exception here!)

I thought I was going to have some convincing to do when I showed my mum as I didn't think she was going to go for the idea of wearing what were, essentially, jelly shoes on my wedding day. However, she loved them! She said they were very me (I'm sure she meant it in a good way!) and the shoes were ticked off the list.

And then... I decided I might want something a bit fancier since I was being a spoilt princess over my sister's bridesmaids shoes. I had told her she could have any shoes as long as they were silver. She found THESE super high, super sparkly, super bargain shoes from Next. I was ok with it until she tried them on with her dress which seemed to make them even more sparkly! I WANTED SPARKLY SHOES!

So, I bought these amazing shoes from a seller on ebay for quite a lot (but not quite as much as a brand new pair would set me back).

Christian Louboutin sparkly skyscrapers in sapphire blue to match my engagement ring. High - check. Sparkles - check. Something blue - check. When they arrived they were about half a size too small! Gutted! They are peep toe and I can fit into them but I'm worried that it's obvious they're too small so have decided not to wear them. The original seller won't refund and so these beautiful babies will end up back on ebay. Sad times! (I keep looking at them in their pretty brown box and start to seriously consider some sort of foot reduction op!)

So, back to the original heart shoes. I do love them but they just weren't sparkly. I decided to explain my dilemma to my future husband as A. He is super stylish and would know what to do B. He would tell me if I was just being spoilt C. Would deffo agree to another pair of shoes!

Luckily for me, he felt my pain and decided I should have sparkly shoes. I found the perfect pair on a shopping trip to Selfridge's and am literally soooooo excited about them. I'll still wear my heart shoes for dancing in the evening but have the longed after sparkle for the day! I will be sure to share them closer to the date - 15 weeks to go!!


  1. Hi Chelsea, did you sell the blue shoes in the end, what size were they? Samantha x

  2. I would have had them but i'm a 5 :-( x just love them!