Friday, 2 March 2012

Do me a favour!

Happy Friday everyone! I don't know about you guys but I feel like this week has dragged on forever! That's possibly because I discovered on Tuesday that we get the keys to our new house on Monday so I am just counting down the days! It's been dragging on since the beginning of November! I will be sure to fill you in on all of our DIY escapades over the coming weeks!

Today's post however, is about wedding favours. Some people love them and see them as a special thank you token to their guests, some see them as a waste of money that end up left behind on the tables. I never really gave it too much thought and just embarked on them as 'the done thing'.

It took me ages to decide what to give for favours but I came across a great bargain one weekend in Cath Kidston and it made my decision for me!

These little button mirrors are super cute at 2" across. They had 3 designs to choose from and were reduced to £1 so we bought a selection (40 actually!) I am hoping that since they have a practical use and are so pretty, that they will be kept by our guests.

However, I didn't want the mirrors to get scratched in the ladies' handbags so decided to use some left over scraps of material so make a handy little pouch that they could sit safely in.

This was really easy to make even with my limited sewing skills. I just cut a 5"x2" scrap of material out, sewed the sides with a fat needle and some wool so the stitching became a 'feature' and cut the top bit into a triangle. I attached a little loop to the triangle and sewed on a button (the trickiest part!) and viola!

In order to present them nicely on the table, I bought some boxes from ebay (about £6 for 50 or something ridiculous). I cut out a little heart from more scrapy material and used Pritt Stick to attach it to the box along with a bit of gingham ribbon going all the way around. I also glued on a luggage tag with a hand stamped name to keep in with my table plan.

I'm really pleased with the result and hope they are all taken home by my guests!

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