Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Dramatic Dining.

When it came to the dining room there was a bit of disagreement. The previous owners had used it more as a TV room and this gave Kieran the idea that he was going to get a sports room. I really wanted a fancy dining room so friends could come over and eat and in the end, I won!

The room was bright red. And I mean VERY red. The photos only show the remaining red wall but when we came to look around they also had a red leather sofa, red curtains, a red rug and even a bright red TV stand. It was all a bit... red.

The things we loved about the house were the super shiny wooden floors (treated laminate apparently) and the fancy light fittings which they agreed to leave. They also left all of the blinds and since most rooms have two windows, this was a big help.

The only thing I wanted to change about this room was the red. I found some really nice wallpaper in Homebase called Peony and as this is the name of my wedding dress, I felt it was fate. My clever Dad put the new paper up for me and me and my Mum built the table (from Homebase during their 20% off weekend). I also build the sideboard (from Very) and I am very proud of this - I am a flat pack queen!

The curtains are from Very too but are unlined. We decided this didn't matter since we had blinds. The heart tea light holders were a moving in gift from some friends and are from Next. We also swapped the light fitting with the one in the living room as we felt this one was more dining room. The bargain of the room has to be the £12 floor lamp I found in Homebase that was a perfect colour match.

Another perfect colour match was the Morrissey artwork we bought as one of his shows. We hadn't intended to put it up in the dining room but the colours went so well and most people seem to think it was the inspiration for the room even though it was just luck. I also like that it is something of Kieran's so the room feels more like ours.

In case anyone was wondering what was on the sideboard, they are snowglobes. We collect one from every place we visit so have them from Great Yarmouth to New York and even one from Twycross Zoo!

So that concludes the dining room! What I love is because our living room is on the next level, we always eat in there rather than taking food upstairs. As there is no TV we actually enjoy talking to each other over breakfast and dinner and it's become my favourite room in the house!

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