Monday, 2 April 2012

Kitchen Colour Pop.

We were lucky when we got this house that very little needed doing to it. In fact, we could have moved straight in. However, we did want to put our own stamp on the house and so took some time to put our touches into place.

One of the rooms requiring the least work was the kitchen. As all of the appliances were fitted (an absolute God send since we had zero budget to shell out for fridge, freezer, washing maching etc.) we only really need to add our own kitchen accessories.

Next have a great home range and the kitchen accessories were right up my street. There were hearts galore with a rustic edge - my dream kitchen! However, due to the abundance of hearts all over the house, Kieran overrid my decision and claimed the kitchen as a heart free zone! He preferred a stainless steel look but I felt this was a little too butch and as I was to be the one spending most of the time in the kitchen (Kieran is far from Gordon Ramsey) we came to compromise.

No pastels, no hearts but not all stainless steel. I added my own little colour pops in clashing fashion to brighten up a plain kitchen.

The kitchen was a big selling point to the house and as you can see its modern, quite big and very functional. I had been buying little bits and bobs since we had the offer accepted in November and so by the time we actually got the keys, we had almost everything we needed.

The inspiration for the kitchen actually came from Wilkinson's! Their homeware was very affordable and two weeks in is going strong! They had lots of mix and match colours so I got my tongs, fish slice, whisk, bottle opener, pizza cutter etc from there.

I also got this knife set which everyone seems to comment on and then are surprised when I tell them it's from good ol' Wilko!

We really shopped around for a good deal on all the bits and bobs as it's surprising how quickly it can all add up. The toaster was a great deal at The Range, the kettle from Marks and Spencer and the bread bin (which included biscuit tin, coffee, sugar and tea pots) were from Next.

The only problem we seem to be having with the kitchen is the smoke detector right outside which I seem to set off EVERY night! I've cleaned the oven to make sure it isn't smokey, I shut the kitchen door, I open the back door but the damn thing is soooo sensitive! However, I should be glad that it's doing its job!

Obviously these pics were taken pre piles of washing and ironing! When you wish for your own house - think carefully!!

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