Tuesday, 15 May 2012

And finally...

I know the house tour has taken sometime but I think I have saved the best until last. My room. Sorry, mine and Kieran's room!

The old owners had a pretty defined style with bold colours featuring heavily. However, the black in the bedroom was a little too much for me and had to go immediately! It made the room look so small!

The black op art wall paper was pretty crazy! However, it pretty much came down in strips so didn't take too long to get rid of! Obviously, this was quickly replaced with floral paper (total nightmare floral paper that shrunk once it was on the wall so took forever to put up!!)

The bed was from Very and came with a free mattress. I was expecting the worst ever mattress but it's actually really comfortable. The cushions are from Next and were a moving in gift and the bedset is also from Next (I think I need to join Next Anonymous!!)

So that's it really, our house is more or less complete now. We just need to get some cool art work to put up on the bare walls but we're hoping to have wedding and honeymoon photos that will fill some spaces.

On to the garden next...

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