Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Order of service.

We had our wedding rehearsal at the Church on Friday and the only way I can decribe it is surreal. Kieran and I were there with the bridesmaids, the best man and ushers, the readers and my Dad to go through what would be happening on the day.

Firstly, it was extremely useful as there is so much choreography involved! The walk up the aisle with my Dad felt very strange and as he looked at me just before we started to walk I really felt myself trying to hold it all together. There were some bunching issues with the bridesmaids who need to work on their timing and some funny moments as the priest interupted the readers with cries of 'louder!' but this is what rehearsals are for!

The moment that really got to me was when we went through our vows. I was certain that Kieran would be the emotional one and that I would be fine but as I was repeating after the priest, it all got a little too much and I got really choked. I'm hoping I got it out of the way and will be fine on the big day - that Dior mascara is not waterproof!!

Before the rehearsal, I obviously had to have the order of service finalised. I had printed off the inside (thank you work) but still need to complete the covers. I have made about 15 so far so still need to get another 60 done but I have all weekend and they don't actually take too long.

I've used the same ribbon and Cath Kidston wallpaper that I used on the invites to continue the theme. I then used the luggage tags and pegs to match the table plan. The heart theme is obvious through out the wedding so my heart punch came in really handy here. As did the stamp I had made by Vistaprint with the wedding details on. I also used all of the left over strips of pink card I had from when I cut my invites out.

I really like that each one is slightly different due to the wallpaper being patterned.

On the inside, it's all pretty standard. It did take ages figuring out which order to have the pages on the publisher screen so they came out in the right order when it was printed and folded! We did manage to sneak a Morrissey quote in though (after a search to find one that was wedding friendly)

So once these are complete, there are only a few odds and ends left to sort out! Can't believe how time has flown!! 11 sleeps!

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