Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Trials and tribulations.

I had my first hair trial back in February and loved it. I went to my regular hairdresser who I have been seeing for 7 years and she did exactly what I wanted. I was really clear that I didn't want it too look overly 'done' and asked for quite a messy style.

I also wanted my hair down as I have been growing it for ages and it is so long now! It was perfect! Beachy waves, a bit of volume on the top and a cool fish plait to add that something different...

However, when I went to try my dress on with my necklace, veil and hair down it was just all too much and I knew it wasn't going to work.

So, back to the drawing board! I searched high and low for up styles that still looked like that hadn't had too much time spent on them. In the end, I came across some of Pixie Lott that looked pretty cool so used this as my inspiration when I had my second trial.

Although I am a little disappointed it will be up after growing it, I know it looks best. I can always let it down later in the evening when the veil is long gone!

Please excuse my horrendous roots - they will be disappearing before the wedding!!

I still have the height on the top, I still have a little plait (not sure whether to have a fish plait or normal plait?) and I still have mess in the back so I am really pleased with it. It also felt really secure and I know that if it's windy or rainy - and that seems quite likely right now - it will stay in place.

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