Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The meal and party.

To conclude the blogging of the wedding, I thought I would end with the meal, speeches and party. Once again, all photos seen here were taken by Lisa Scott Photography.

We held the reception at Dunchurch Park Hotel in the marquee. We were lucky enough to have the most amazing whether so the marquee was nice and warm (maybe too warm at times). The staff at Dunchurch Park were excellent and saw to our every need. The food was delicious! We served our guests:

Trio of melon with peach sorbet (I was banking on a warm day!)
Roast beef
Trio of desserts - chocolate brownie, creme brulee and strawberry shortcake

Of course, they had much fancier write ups on the menu!

We were also lucky that as we are such fussy eaters, they allowed us to have whatever we wanted to eat. Kieran opted for minestrone soup to start (maybe a bad decision in hindsight given the weather but he still ate every bit) we both had fillet steak and chips for the main and Kieran had ice-cream for dessert.

I stuck to the trio for dessert but wish I hadn't as the creme brulee was disgusting! I think this was more my own tastes than a reflection on the food as everyone else ate it all up!

I was really nervous about the speeches; a little nervous for those speaking but more nervous for myself thinking about what they may say. Luckily, my nerves were unfounded as everyone did an amazing job. My Dad was up first and he was very emotional. This was quite a surprise as he is not overly sentimental but it was lovely. Some of my favourite lines included "I've not lost a daughter, I've gained a bedroom floor" and "I'm not going to welcome Kieran to the family today as he has been a part of this family for a very long time".

Kieran was up next and was a little nervous which was most unusual for him. He also did a great job, re-telling my Dad's story of their first meeting much to the humour of my family and friends. He also said some lovely things about our parents, friends and me.

The best man did a great job and was hilarious! He hid his nerves and really delivered. Fortunately, him and Kieran had many eventful moments that could be recalled and so he wasn't short of material and did so well.

After the meal there was a chance to mingle and get to talk to everyone. Before I knew it, the evening guests were arriving and the disco was starting.

We saved the cutting of the cake until around 8.30pm so everyone could see it. We then when into the first dance - Last of the Ladies by The Courteeners. We are not natural dancers but we made it through!

With all of the formalities out of the way, we danced into the night to all our favourite songs with all of our favourite people. We ate pork and apple rolls and mini fish and chips as well as plenty of wedding cake (tiers of fruit, chocolate orange, raspberry sponge and lemon drizzle) and I made sure I dipped into the chocolate fountain (once I fought my way past my nephews and nieces).

It really was the best day of my life and went past far too quickly. We tried to make sure we took time for ourselves to really take it all in and we do have some amazing memories - I just wish I could do it again and again!

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