Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Nursery artwork.

I fully intend to do a full nursery post at some point but we still have a few finishing touches to put in place so I thought I'd just share some artwork I made to brighten the walls up - not that they needed it being bright orange!

We wanted to create a real little boy room and not have it too babyish so it lasted for a while. We decided on a car and guitar theme in the end - I think Kieran is expecting a little rock musician to come along!

I found some really nice prints on etsy but they were around £40 each!

The Etsy prints:

I figured that I could at least attempt to make them myself so off I went to hobbycraft to buy some coloured card and some £6 frames. 

I decided to do the background stripes in colours and the guitars in black. I used white A3 card for the background and then stuck on coloured stripes in a deliberately wonky way!

I got some guitar silhouettes on google images and copied them on to the black card. You could print the silhouettes bigger and trace but since I have no printer I persevered with free hand!

Kieran insisted on 3 different types of guitar - the more symmetrical the more difficult they were!

All together they cost about £25 for the three and that was mainly the frames. 

I've found some Toy Story silhouettes on google images too so am going to attempt a Woody and Buzz combo for my nephew!

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