Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Courteeners.

On Saturday, I surprised Kieran with tickets to the Courteeners at Castlefield Bowl in Manchester. It was one of the hottest days and I was driving 100 miles to watch a band outdoors at 26 weeks pregnant!

Flat shoes were a must and I knew I needed to stay cool. No waistbands either! I wore this stripy dress from ASOS and some Fred Perry pumps.

Once we had driven up, lunch was on the agenda so we popped into TGIs for food and some cocktails - well, mocktails!

I did have a little sip of Kieran's Apple Passion and was very jealous! But I made do with my Berry Blitz!

We finished lunch and had a lovely walk in the sunshine. We happened to wander straight past a Thorntons and couldn't resist an ice cream! Had to make the most of the sun!

When we arrived at the venue, it was not what I was expecting at all. Outdoor venues are usually grass but Castlefield was like a giant car park. However, there were some big concrete steps that made the perfect seat (for about 15 mins until my bum was numb!) we found a good spot and settled down for the first 3 support bands.

Kieran disappeared after the second band to get some water. He came back with a navy tshirt. I moaned as I wanted the white one! He opened it up only to reveal it was a tiny baby vest with the Courteeners on it! Every girl around us was almost in tears and confirmed I do have the sweetest ever husband!

By the time the Courteeners started, our safe sitting zone was raucous! We expected to stand but did not expect so many people to be getting into fights around us. Luckily, there were plenty of decent people who kept me out of the way and gave me warning when something was kicking off! 

I don't regret it one bit as it was an amazing night! The band were on top form and the atmosphere was unreal.

I was exhausted after starting the day at 8am and getting into bed at 2am but it was worth it. They're a really special band to us, we have their lyrics engraved on our wedding rings and one of their songs as our first dance at the wedding. In fact, after our wedding, about 10 guests went and bought their album, including the videographer who edited our highlights to their songs!

I'm not sure how many more gigs I'll make it to in the next 3 months but I'm so glad I did this one!

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