Monday, 18 June 2012

The morning of the wedding - the girls.

So I thought it was about time I got to blogging about the wedding since I have been married 3 whole weeks now. It also feels good to write it down as I have an excuse to look through all the photos and it helps me remember what happened on the day!

Two of my bridesmaids stayed over the night before. We had our nails done and a takeaway and I felt really chilled out.

The next morning we woke at a sensible 7.30 and looked out of the window to see beautiful sunshine. What a relief! We had showers (despite promising my hairdresser I wouldn't wash my hair on the day, I did!) Me and a bridesmaid strolled up to the shop for some bread and bacon and for some reason I felt like I was 10 and at a holiday camp again!

Before I knew it my hairdresser was at the door, quickly followed by my sister and Kieran's sister. My mum soon followed with my three nieces who were my flower girls.

Make-up prep and bucks fizz for the bridesmaids!

My mum helping the flower girls get dressed.

My hair done, I start on the little ones.

Between me and the four bridesmaids, there was enough make up to open our own Boots store! Although I left my hair to the professional, I opted to do my own make-up. I know what I like and had practiced a few times with all my lovely new products so was pretty pleased with the result. It even lasted all day!

Time seemed to fly in the morning and before I knew it, it was time to get dressed, put my shoes and jewellery on and wait for my dad and the car to arrive.

My comfy back up pair and my comfier main pair of shoes!

My new, borrowed and blue.

My dress was a lot more difficult to get into than in the shop. The ladies in the shop had put it on over my head but with my hair all done this was tricky so I ended up stepping into it which meant undoing all of the corset back - it took what seemed like ages to do back up as it was so hot!

Mission Impossible!

I was also really pleased to see all my bridesmaids together in their dresses for the first time as I was unsure of how it might look but they looked amazing!

Perfect match with the wallpaper!

I was also pleased with how the girls reacted to my dress as only my mum and sister had seen it so it was good to have some reassurance before arriving at the church.

Finally, it was goodbye to my mum and bridesmaids as they left for the Church first and me and my Dad waited for the car to come back so we could make our trip.

A mix of emotions and nerves starting to kick in.

Seeing my Dad for the first time.

Trying to look relaxed!

All ready to go.

My sister packed a safety pin in her bag in case of emergency. Unfortunately, the emergency happened after the bridesmaids left when the photographer stood on my veil! Nightmare! My veil was meant to be piled high but looks slightly lop-sided in most of the photos due to it being ripped off my head!!

The wait for the car to get back was the longest ever wait. I was getting really excited and just wanted to get to the Church as I knew everyone was there waiting - well, almost everyone...

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