Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The ceremony.

The drive to the Church seemed to take ages – I was so desperate just to get there. However, it was nice just to sit in the car with my Dad and look at everyone looking at us. I always try and spot the bride when I see a wedding car go past so it felt so strange to be the ‘spotted’ one. Our driver was great – so friendly but not intrusive (and thanks to him I remembered my flowers were left lying on the dining table!) Just before we got to the Church, he stopped to take the top down on the car ready for the big arrival! 

With my dad in the car

 It's harder than it looks getting out of the car in a big dress!

There was a small gathering of well-wishers gathered outside the Church and some friendly faces from work had also come along. It really got my nerves going to see people I knew and I was eager to get into the Church.

Beautiful church on a beautiful day.

The girls waiting.

Getting ready to go in.

I was greeted by my slightly nervous looking bridesmaids and we co-ordinated ourselves ready to go into the Church. We had decided on the little ones leading the way, then the bridesmaids two by two and then me and my Dad. 
Leading the way.

The two sisters and my two friends.

Finally, it was my turn to begin walking down the aisle. I tried to look around for as many people as I could but really all I was focusing on with Kieran. He turned around but I’m not sure he saw me looking at him. I wasn’t aware of any music playing – it was all a bit of a blur really until I finally got to the top of the long aisle. We were so relieved to see each other we couldn’t help but naturally give each other a kiss and hug – until the Priest told Kieran off for being impatient and got the guests laughing.
The long walk down the aisle.

Seeing each other for the first time.

Getting into trouble with the priest!

The service was lovely and Father Phillip really made it personal. He made reference to the design of the order of service being a luggage tag representing a journey and the pegs representing me being a housewife! I do hope he was joking!

We sang the hymns – my flower girls stealing the limelight as they knew all the words from school and sung their hearts out, readings were read and then we exchanged our vows.

 Singing away to Lord of the Dance.

My bridesmaid reading from Corinthians.

The vows were a worry as I had got so emotional in the rehearsal that I was determined to hold it together. I took my time and managed to not cry. Kieran however, was in floods as the words and the meaning of the day really became real. At one point I gave him a little nudge as he forgot to repeat after the priest and was just staring at me!

Exchanging vows.

Exchanging rings.

Before I knew it, the readings were over (read wonderfully by our friends) and the vows were exchanged, we'd kissed and the register was signed. We were married! 


The first kiss.

Signing on the line - or at least pretending to!

The wedding party. 

I remember the organ playing and the bells ringing as we walked back down the aisle together with the biggest grins on our faces.

So happy to be married.

One of my fave photos.

 It was so nice to get outside and see all the guests properly too. I didn’t want to leave Kieran’s side but there were so many people to chat to. 

 Discussing shoes!

 Kieran and my Mum.

 Can't stop smiling.

All too much for my nephew. 

We posed for some photos outside the Church but we wanted to keep these to a minimum as we prefer the more natural style. However, they look so lovely and are such a nice reminder of the day (and make great presents for our families too). We then got pelted with confetti by all of our guests (I emptied a box full out of my dress when I took it off!) 

Beautiful guests.

Me and my Mum.

The parents.

The boys.


Then it was off in the car to the reception. It was such a nice drive and I will remember it so well. The roof was down, the sun was shining, we were holding hands and taking it all in. People were beeping their horns and we waved at a group waiting for the bus. It was so surreal but so amazing to finally be married.

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