Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The morning of the wedding - the guys.

So, you’ve seen what us girls were getting up to on the morning of the wedding but how about the boys?

As I obviously wasn’t there to see Kieran getting ready, I was really looking forward to these photos. It was great to see him and the boys looking so happy and relaxed during the morning (although, it seems the closer it got to the service, the more nervous he began to look).
 Kieran got ready at his mum and dad’s and the boys joined him – complete with their Ray-Bans!

The groom, best man and ushers
Good job it was a sunny day!
The best man came over to our house to pick up the button holes and drop off my present and card (a beautiful Paul Smith friendship bracelet and a card that got me all emotional). I gave him Kieran’s present to take back. It was an originally Morrissey single advert from NME for the release of Roy’s Keen – a Morrissey track we both find amusing.

A watch may have been more conventional

Kieran also wanted to treat the boys and as you know, we got carried away at Paul Smith in Bicester buying them matching ties, socks and cufflinks. Kieran was also on hand to give lessons in tying the perfect double Windsor tie knot (a badly tied tie is a big no-no!) 

Gifts for the best man 

A lesson in tying ties

Putting on their new cufflinks

Kieran’s parents have lived over the road from a motorbike shop for the last 20 years. Kieran is obsessed with vintage Vespas but there has never, ever been one outside – until the wedding day. They usually deal in ‘proper’ motorbikes but as luck would have it there it was on the morning of the wedding. The perfect photo opportunity for Kieran and the boys.

Looking very 'mod' 

And then it was into the VW Camper and on his way to the Church to be ready to greet the guests as they arrived. 

The Church is Kieran’s family church and also the one associated with his school (which has since closed down). Since he met his best man at school, it was good to get some sentimental photos outside the old school gates. 

School friends

Then it was just a case of waiting patiently for me to arrive! I was unintentionally a little late (due to the veil drama) which I think added to the nerves. 

Kieran said that he had forgotten the videographer had put a mic on him and so there was an interesting conversation between him and the best man before I arrived – I look forward to hearing when the video comes through!

Looking nervous.

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