Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The drinks reception.

So after the ceremony, when everyone else was happily making their way to the reception, Kieran and I made a little de-tour into the village. It's a really pretty, old-fashioned village filled with thatch roofs and quirky old shops.

We knew our guests wouldn't miss us much as they swigged down some Pimms and tucked into their bite-size burgers and BLTs and we wanted to capture some shots of just us (with most of the village looking on).

Lisa, our photographer, had a great eye for some cool shots (which is why we picked her) so we were really pleased with how they turned out.

A thatched bus stop!

Love this one!

Head to head.

We then headed back to the venue to meet up with all our guests. It was at this point that our most important guests of all would be arriving. A very good friend from work had kindly agreed to pick up Beau and Lola for us and meet us at the venue. I don't know who was more pleased to see who! Their little tails started wagging as soon as they saw us. Luckily, it was a lovely sunny day and so there was no risk of muddy paws on a my white dress (always a risk with Lola!)

Going for a casual walk.

Family shot!

Unfortunately, the dogs couldn't stay for long but it was nice to be able to include them in part of the day.

It was great to see our guests enjoying the drinks and canapes on the terrace. I had kept my fingers crossed for sunshine so they could all be outside and it looked lovely.

Grandma getting the last drops!

Enjoying a Pimms.

 Catching up with the ushers.

Beautiful weather on the terrace.

We didn't get much of a look in on the treats as we were busy being whisked off for a few photos with the guys and girls in the beautiful grounds. We wanted them to be quite laid back and relaxed with a real sense of fun and Lisa really managed to capture that.

The girls.

 'Natural' posing!

On the run.

The photographer took a fall in the mud for this shot!

Chatting away.

The bride and groom.

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