Thursday, 2 August 2012

Places where I want to go and take photos.

After our amazing honeymoon where we were lucky enough to visit San Francisco, Hawaii (Oahu) and Vegas, I thought I was pretty much done with travelling. I'm not really that into visiting places as I don't like the hassle of airports and would rather spend my money on buying stuff.

I've visited some cool places like Rome, Prague, New York and New Orleans and didn't really have anything else on my list. But now I find I want to go back to all the places I've already seen with my new cameras and take a load of cool photos! Plus, visit a whole load of new places!

1. Cuba

I imagine Cuba in a 60's timewarp with old fashioned cars and light coloured buildings in soft sunlight with old men sitting around laughing and smoking cigars. This may not be wholly accurate but I should at least visit to find out. I would love to take photos with my Diana as I feel Cuba would lend itself nicely to some dreamy analogue shots.

2. Amsterdam

I have always been put off holidays to Amsterdam as I thought the only people who visited there were students and stags. After seeing a cool photo of a bicycle (the kind Audrey Hepburn would ride) with tulips in the basket, I realised I wanted to go there and take photos of bikes and tulips, as well as windmills, mice and cheese.

3. Tokyo

I have always wanted to go to Japan (mainly to visit the Hello Kitty theme park with Kitty boats and all of Kitty's friends) but I also think it would be just a generally cool place. I see it as somewhere with so much tradition yet it seems super modern and I think there would be so many contrasting images to capture. I am imagining Harajuku girls overlayed with tradition temples.

4. Sydney

It seems unlikely I will visit Australia as I don't think I can be bothered going that far but I am very tempted for a couple of reasons - koalas, Home and Away and the Sydney Opera House. I love Koalas and I really want to cuddle one. Home and Away was my fave ever soap (lost track since Alf and Sally left) and I really want to go to the Home and Away beach. I love the design of the opera house and think it would be great to get a cool night time picture on my new Nikon with the bridge and stuff.

5. Cornwall

I went to Cornwall a few times as a child and remember the sea being so clean and clear (clean and clear enough to see little fish which freaked me out a bit). I would really like to find an old seaside town with pastel painted buildings and fishermen to take photos of.

So, they're my top 5 for now but I would also like to go back to San Francisco as it's one of the coolest places ever. I'm also looking forward to taking photos in Brighton this weekend and Vegas in November. In the meantime, I shall be practicing with the 'sights' of my hometown.

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