Thursday, 27 June 2013

Outfit Of The Day.

Once I got to 23 weeks, I had to face the tough reality that my jeans just weren't going to fasten comfortably. I could just about get them done up but not without some seriously deep lines on my hips and a risk of popping open if I sat down!

Now, I wear jeans all the time so this was a serious issue. My sister joked that I'd be in the maternity jeans with the giant waistband and now this was looking like a serious option.

However, I have managed to bypass the giant waist after discovering jeggings! I am really not a fan of the jeggings that have fake seams and pockets printed on but this pair from Topshop are really just stretchy jeans. They don't have buttons and are really leggings but the seams are genuine so they look a lot more like real jeans. I got this light wash and also a darker blue.

The top and shoes are both Next. The top is long enough to cover the bump although I am not sure it's got much more stretch in it!

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