Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Outfit Of The Day.

As I am now 5 and a bit months pregnant, I am having an increasingly more difficult time deciding what to wear each morning. My expanding waist and the unpredictable British weather mean that getting dressed is becoming a nightmare and I must confess to a couple of temper tantrums when my planned outfit turns out not to fit any more!

I'm a big believer in making an effort despite being pregnant - it's not an excuse to get all frumpy and live in your joggers (well, not every day). I also don't want to spend a fortune on maternity clothes for the next three months - although, I must say that ASOS has an excellent maternity collection. I'm trying my best to make use of the leggings, long tops and shift dresses that are already hanging in my wardrobe.

This dress is a pretty shift dress that was a total bargain from Tesco! Before the cankles set in and my balance goes out the window, I'm wearing heels as much as possible! These are a sensible mid heel pair in nude so go with pretty much everything and since they were from Marks and Spencer they are super comfy! The bag is my trusty Mulberry Alexa in sparkle tweed.

I'm about 21 weeks here but still squeezing into this size 8 dress - although probably not for much longer! In the summer weather, I am finding I get hot so quickly so a dress like this is perfect for keeping cool and still office appropriate!

You could add colour to a white dress with bright accessories (accessories fit no matter how pregnant you get!) or switch the heels for flats if you prefer.

I'm just waiting for summer to return so I can go back to my other summer dresses! It's so nice being free of tights round the waist!

Well, I hope that's inspired you for next time the sun comes out!

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