Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Invitation procrastination.

Some good news - we have been approved for a mortgage and have put an offer in on our dream house! This is great news but also makes me panic just a little! We have 6 months to the wedding and 3 months until invites need to be ready!!

This means in the next 3 months I have to move house, complete 4 uni assignments and 1 exam and make 30 evening invites. Suddenly it seems a lot to do!

Day invites are all done (54 invites over the last 10 months - I'm slow, they're hard to make - bad combo!) I am delighted with them:

However, I am having a dilemma! Do I make the evening ones the same or should I try a simpler design? Ideally, they would be the same as I like things to be in order and the OCD side of me would prefer this! But to save time, I could make a simple one. But then I would have to think of a simple design I liked which is hard work?!

Maybe I should stop blogging, do my assignment and then have time to make proper invites! I am the queen of procrastination lately!!

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