Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Gym + Cheesecake = Pointless.

Like most brides to be, I've joined the gym before the wedding in an attempt to tone up a bit for the big day. Nothing drastic, just feel a bit fitter and feel confident in my bikini on honeymoon! Will be the first time I've been in a bikini since I was 20 and a lots changed since then!

I have a bad track record with the gym. I have joined about 7 times and so far cancelled 6. This time, with the help of my bridesmaid, I've gone 4 weeks straight. This is a record! I've not lost weight which is fine but I am feeling fitter and happier. To paraphrase Elle Woods "exercise makes you happy and happy people don't kill their husbands" so good news all round!

However, my big weakness (and the reason for no weight loss) is my love of food, puddings especially. I eat the most terrible things and thoroughly enjoy it. Over the last two weeks I have eaten the following puddings (amongst other things):

  • Belgian waffles with fudge sauce and ice cream
  • Chocolate and raspberry tart
  • Chocolate brownie cheesecake (Asda - amazing!!)
  • Black cherry cheesecake
  • Chocolate crispy cakes
  • Blueberry cake (homemade - not by me)
  • Chocolate fondue
  • Whole bag of chocolate donuts (5) (impulse buy at a service station - this is when you know you have a problem!!!)
  • Sticky toffee muffin
  • Chocolate mousse
It seems worse written down! I need to kick this pudding addiction as it's cancelling out my hard work on the cross trainer! They really shouldn't put pictures on the menu - it's just too tempting!

How can I resist this..?

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