Friday, 11 November 2011

Wedding Venue.

I really love the wedding we have chosen to hold our reception at (obviously, that's why we chose it!)

It's a Grade II manor house in a village just outside of the town we live in. I have driven past it many times and even attended an evening reception there a few years ago. It's a popular venue so when we got engaged we put it on our list of places to view. It was the second of 4 places we looked at.

Whilst I'd been inside and driven past, I had never fully explored. When the wedding planner was showing us around, I was surprised when she said 'I'll take you round to the lake'. Lake? I never knew there was a lake! As we walked on to the terrace I think I actually gasped out loud as I admired the view of the rolling hills (this is a rare view where I live!)

It was a really sunny day when we went to view and I was picturing Pimms on the terrace whilst guests admired the lake and hills. The deal was done. So we booked our venue in May 2010, 2 years before our wedding. It was a great sign that the end of May was so sunny!

Roll on to May 2011 - terrential rain! My theory is the sun just skips a year!

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