Sunday, 6 November 2011

Make Up.

I am doing my make up for my wedding myself. I have a very particular style (dark eyes, pink cheeks and subtle lips) and didn't want to stray too far from this on the day - I want to look like me! I'm also a bit of a control freak so couldn't bear anyone else doing it!

After watching a LOT of pixiwoo tutorials (they are amazing!) I realised that I need some good products for my big day. So off I went to the shops with two of my bridesmaids (who luckily know a lot more about make up than me so could give good advice.


For my face I decided I needed a good primer, foundation and concealer. I ended up with the following:

I love Benefit make up. I have always used this primer and got this one back in September. I didn't see the need in buying a new one (although I was tempted by the classically packaged Chanel base but couldn't justify an extra thirty odd pounds). This primer has worked well for the last two months, so I will be sticking with it for the wedding.  I don't use it every day (just for 'special' make up) so hopefully it will last til May!

Next, I needed a good foundation. I have only ever used a £6 Rimmel one which does for me on a day to day basis but probably isn't good enough coverage for a wedding and doesn't last all day. I decided it was really important to have a good complexion and needed something that would photograph well. So, on the advice of pixiwoo - it had to be Chanel!

I got the Pro Lumiere in 30 (slightly darker as I will be having a spray tan). The assistant was really helpful and tried out a couple on my skin but I liked this best. It was so even and gave me a glow without being shiny. I have normal to dry skin. Unfortunately, I hear it it to be discontinued but will be replaced with something else so I'm not too worried. I am saving it until the wedding (maybe a practice run around Christmas!)

Next, concealer! Heaven forbid I should have a break out on my wedding day!!! However, my trusty new concealer should help me out if the worst happens!!

I loved the MAC shop in Birmingham. The staff were so helpful and knowledgable (and had flawless make up!) I wanted a concealer for under my eyes and for any blemishes. I didn't want anything sticky but I wanted it to me thick enough to cover any spots! The assistant tried this out on me and I loved the flawless finish! I left the shop looking much more awake than when I went in.


So, with my face sorted, I moved on to eyes. I've always had a problem with eyeliner. I wear a lot of it but it never lasts the day (on top of the eyelid or inside my lower eyelid). I had been recommend Bobbi Brown gel eye liner so went off to the concession in Selfridges.

The staff here were a lot less helpful unfortunately. If it hadn't been for such good recommendations from trusted friends I wouldn't have bought this. I had to ask to try some (everywhere else offered) and then was given the brush with it on rather than getting a feel for it myself. However, it came out black black and based on what friends had said, I got it. I didn't buy their concealer as the assistant insisted you needed one for under eye and a different one for blemishes! No more commission for her!

Next, eyeshadow. I'm a big fan of the smokey eye so when I caught a glimpse of this limited edition set in MAC I had to have it - partly for the case alone which had a glitter filled snowglobe on the top!

Rather than buying the 3 individual colours I would have used to create the smokey effect, this set of 6 had them all in one! Grey for all over, black for the outer part and a white for the brow bone. It also has a glittery silver that I think I'll add on in the evening! Bargain!

For the bottom of my eye, I will use my tried and test Benefit bad gal waterproof eyeliner. This is the first eyeliner that stays on my bottom lid all day. I buy it all the time and love it so if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Another old fave I will be using is Diorshow Blackout WATERPROOF mascara. I have the stumpiest lashes but this mascara gives length and volume. Plus, I'm a big blubber and bound to cry on my wedding day so waterproof is a must!


For cheeks, it will be a bit of Benefit High Beam for a glow and good old £3.99 Rimmel blusher in pink rose. I've used it for about 8 years and love the pinky glow it gives.


Lips will be lined with MAC stone lip pencil (another tip from Pixiwoo) and then I'll go for a pinky gloss - probably Dior Addict as this lasts and is a lipstick but with a glossy finish.

To finish

Finally, to set it all, I will be using my new MAC prep and prime transparent finishing powder.

This should set everything in place for the day. It is bright white in the case but appears clear on the skin. The assistant who advised me in the MAC store had black skin but she demonstrated that it rubs in clear and gives a lovely finish (her skin looked flawless).

Using a KGB voucher I got some new brushes (were £120 but £18 with the voucher!!!) so when they arrive I will have a little trial! Just hope I have the skill to put these great products to best use!

The damage

Foundation - Chanel Pro Lumiere £33.00
Concealer - MAC Select Moisturecover £13.50
Primer - Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer £21.50
Eyeliner (top) - Bobbi Brown Long Lasting Gel Eyeliner £16.50
Eyeliner (bottom) - Benefit Badgal Waterproof Eyeliner £14.00
Eyeshadow - MAC Limited Edition Snowglobe Eyeshadows (cool collection) £31.00
Mascara - Diorshow Blackout Waterproof Mascara £21.00
Highlighter - Benefit High Beam £18.50
Blusher - Rimmel Blush £3.99
Lip Liner - MAC Lip Liner in Stone £10.50
Lip Stick - Dior Addict £20
Lip Gloss - Dior Kiss £15.00
Setting Powder - MAC Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder £17.50

Remember - some of these are old faves I already had so I didn't splash out too bad! I spent around £100 on new products but a professional make up artist for the day would have been £90 once I had the trial. At least this way I get to keep the products - plus I will share with my bridesmaids too!

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