Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Impulse buys.

I have a really bad habit of buying things for the wedding that I'm not even sure I need. I'll walk into a shop (as I did today) and see a heart shaped Christmas decoration that I NEED! I justify it by saying I'll use it in my house after the wedding.

Since I'm buying a house in the next couple of months, I really can't be buying every heart shaped, wicker, cream, rustic decoration I see. I decided I needed to take stock of what I had, figure out what I was doing with it all and then decide what I really did still need.

I bought an ivory table cloth (one last impulse buy) and decided to do a mock up of my table. I also did a little mock up of the other tables at the wedding (cake table, card/guest book table). I was really pleased with the results (even though my Mum's table is rectangle and the others are round and completely different sizes, I got the general idea.)

Here's a sneak peak of the guest book table...

The birdcage is for cards and I'll make a little sign so it's clear (or just get my bridesmaids to put some in first!)

The photoframe will have a picture of me and Kieran in from when we were little.

Hopefully the guest book is self explanatory!

The actual table will be smaller and round and the runner will be hemmed (and ironed!!!) but you get the idea!

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