Thursday, 3 November 2011

Place names 2.

So, as you can see from below, I am using wooden hearts with everyone's name burnt on for place names. I intend to tie these to the back of my chairs but have also added little fabric hearts.

Thought I'd just share how I made the hearts in case anyone is wondering. I'm absolutely rubbish at sewing (don't even own a sewing machine) so if I have done them, anyone can!

First, I cut out 2 hearts...

Now, you could turn them inside out, sew round and then turn them back the right way to avoid seams. This was too technical for me so I chose to use pink thread and made the stitching a 'feature'.

I stitched all the way round but left a gap of about 1.5" so I could squeeze in the stuffing (which I got a huge bag of from Dunelm).

After stuffing it in (not too much and not too little), I simply stitched up the gap. I now have 120 stuffed hearts and it's probably taken 10 mins per heart!

The next step was to attach the hearts to the previously made wooden name hearts. I simply used some gingham ribbon, sewed it to the heart and then put a knot in the back where I wanted to wooden heart to sit.

I've used all different material (mainly because I had lots of different scraps) but it also adds to my shabby chic/Cath Kidston theme well.

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