Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunday Shoes.

As I have been so busy with uni, house, wedding etc I feel I have neglected the blog! Therefore, I am starting a regular feature called Sunday Shoes.

I'm a shoe girl. And a bag girl. And a coat, tops and jeans girl. However, it's mainly shoes. As I begin to pack my things to move to the new house I realise I have a ridciulous amount of shoes. And in my dream world of tunring the spare bedroom into a Carrie Bradshaw-esque walk in closet with all shoes on display (this will never actually happen!!) I have begun taking photos of the shoes to stick on the boxes! SAD!

But they are beautiful shoes and I feel so sad about keeping them hidden. I'm not sure there's enough air in the box! Will they be scared in the dark? Oh, my poor shoes!!!

So in the interests of showcasing my faves and leading up to the most beautiful of all, my wedding shoes, I will begin posting a pair every Sunday.

So here's pair one:

From Topshop several years ago, I wore them to the 70s party last night. They have a chunky black platform and a chunky heel. I wasn't sure of the ankle strap so tend to wear with trousers/jeans rather than a skirt but I love the vintage feel to them. And they're actually comfortable. I danced to disco the whole night in them!!

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