Monday, 5 December 2011

Arriving in style.

All too often with wedding planning, it becomes about the bride. I know from regularly reading wedding blogs and forums that the 'your day, your way' mantra is fully reinforced. I too am a huge believer in this but must remind myself that sometimes 'your' can be plural and I must remember to include my groom.

My groom has not been hands on in the planning at all. As he said early on his concerns were his suit, the food, the photographer and the transport. Favours, bunting and stationery could be left to me. This arrangement suited us to a tee as I could have total control (I'm a little bit of a control freak over the wedding)!

However, when it came to transport there was a slight disagreement. My groom's chosen vehicle was a VW camper. And not just any camper, it had to be a split screen camper (rather than a bay window camper). He had found the perfect one (according to him)! A lovely, shiny, refurbished split screen camper... in burgundy. It didn't go!!!!! And I didn't want to go to my wedding in a van!! We were at a stand still on the transport front.

But, since it was OUR day, we compromised. He could have the split screen camper if he could find it in a pastel colour and I would have my dream vintage princess car. So commenced the search! After several emails, some seriously expensive quotes and a 160 mile round trip we found my groom's transport. And as time goes on I'm even starting to feel a little jealous!!

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