Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Range.

My sister has raved about The Range. Brides to be on wedding forums have raved about The Range. I had never heard of it!!

So, yesterday, I tracked down my nearest store (only 16 miles away all this time!!) and purchased some lovely new treats for the house which I thought I would share with you all!

Hardly a necessity but I just loved this shabby chic jug/vase. I've got a bit of a thing for all things French looking at the moment and since it was only about £4 I thought 'why not?' I plan to use it as a vase for all the flowers Kieran brings me in our new house!!

I also got this heart mirror and to be honest, I'm not sure where I'm going to put it in the new house but I'll find somewhere!! I am a heart obsessive (in case you've missed the wedding planning pics!!) and at £14 I just couldn't resist!!

Along with my love of hearts, I also love just about anything with the word 'love' on it! Again, I don't know what the plan is for these wooden letters but I had to have them!!

Kieran is now fearful that he is going to be living in girl heaven (or girl hell to him) so I did let him choose a couple of more manly things!! He picked out a big, brass key holder, which, for security reasons will be hidden in a cupboard so as not to advertise our keys to burglars (that's the official line!!)

Anyway, I could have gone completely crazy in there and plan on going back once we have the house and I figure out which rooms are lacking love hearts!!

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