Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sunday Shoes.

As we get into the Christmas party season (some of you may have been in it for a while - they seem to start in November these days!) I am digging out all of my favourite heels for various parties (new house does not equal new shoes unfortunately!)

These Dorothy Perkins heels were a real find about 2 years ago...

Now, forgive me but I had always thought Dotty P was for a slightly older lady (my Mum shops there!) but when I saw a colleague sporting some beautiful heels and was informed this is where they were from I got straight online and realised the mistake I had made! Dorothy Perkins had improved a lot!

They also had a special offer on shoes online so I ended up buying four new pairs all at once! Oh, the good old days! When they were delivered to work I remember the girls in the office gathering round and making ooh and aah sounds! These ones, with the shiny gold heel, were a real fave and I shall be getting them out regularly over the party season!

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