Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday Shoes.

Good morning all! Only one week until Christmas!!!

Today's shoes are another pair of beautiful Kurt Geigers (KG by Kurt Geiger to be precise). I wore them out on Thursday to my work Christmas meal and got a lot of compliments.

I have them in another colour but saw these at the outlet store near York in the Summer for half the price so snapped them up too...

I love the bow on the front, the purple stripes and the little detail on the back. I think they're really dainty and lady like which makes a change as I usually opt for something a bit chunkier. I'll be honest, they are not the most comfy shoes as the heel is very thin and I think I have got so used to having a little platform that I struggle with any that a completely flat at the front.

I call them 'restaurant shoes' - from car to table and back again but ideally not much more. Especially as it's starting to get icy!!

I do regret not getting the matching bag as I struggle to find a bag that goes and just revert to all black but at least that lets the shoes do the talking (whilst I try and do the walking!)

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