Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Sunday Shoes.

It's Christmas!!!!!!! Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!

I do have a slight confession to make though - I am slightly ahead of Christmas as I write this as I was torn between letting Sunday Shoes slip or missing out on presents and Turkey as I blogged! So, it's actually not quite Christmas but had I not told you, you'd be none the wiser so we shall continue as if it's Christmas Sunday Shoes!

In honour of all that is festive, I have decided to post a very Christmassy looking shoe and one of my fave pairs...

Not surprisingly, it's another pair of KGs. What can I say about them other than I absolutely love everything about them!! I love the fuschia satin heel and bow. I love the platform. I love the coloured polka dots all over the gold!!

They are true party shoes - as long as the party last 4 hours max and there are plenty of chairs hanging around!!

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