Monday, 13 February 2012

Common scents.

Something I've noticed a lot on bridal forums is that a lot of brides want not just a great smelling perfume for the day but a great looking bottle to be photographed for the album. I was one of these brides!

There are a couple of dilemmas with this thought process. Lots of people have a 'signature scent' (Marc Jacobs Lola for me) and want to smell like themselves on the day. I know when I walk past a guy in the street wearing my future husband's scent it always reminds me of him so I want him to smell me on the day and know it's me and not a random woman in a white dress who's just shown up!

Secondly, not all great bottles contain a great smell inside. Vera Wang Princess comes in a beautiful heart bottle and I used to love wearing it (and did for a couple of years) but now I find the smell just too sweet for me. Jean Paul Gaultier do a great bottle but again, I'm not a fan of the scent.

So then I went back to my original point of wanting to smell nice and smell like me. Marc Jacobs Lola comes in a beautiful purple bottle with a decorative flower lid. However, I also felt it wasn't special enough as I wear it every day.

In the end, I found the perfect compromise - Marc Jacobs - Oh, Lola! This was a newer version of the original Lola so was the same but different. Luckily, after sniffing several testers right up my nose, I also found I loved the smell.

I know it will look beautiful being photographed next to my heart shoes too!

What I also liked about it, and I appreciate this is probably not a concern for anyone else in the world, is that it has the same name as my dog. And not just Lola but 'Oh, Lola!' - a phrase I utter at least 100 times a day!

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