Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Finishing touches.

So with the suits and ties sorted for the boys, we began to look for the extra little touches that would complete their outfits. Originally, this was one of Kieran's jobs to sort for the day but in the end it was something we did together (as in it's 3 months to go and you've not even looked yet so shall we do this together?!)

Firstly, we got these Paul Smith socks in the ASOS sale (plus an extra 20% off thanks to Kieran's sister and her NUS card!)

We then went to the Paul Smith outlet in Bicester to see if we could find some cufflinks. The selection wasn't as good as online but the price difference was huge (we're talking £65 down to £33)! We narrowed it down to a couple of pairs that we really liked but in the end they only had 4 pairs of one set - luckily it was a set we both loved.

So, that's the boys sorted and another thing off the list! After spoiling the girls it only seemed right that Kieran could present his boys with a token on the day too.

This seems like the perfect selection and they all fit together so nicely. We also sweet talked the lovely assistant at the outlet in to giving us some extra bags so we can present them to the boys in the fancy Paul Smith packaging!

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