Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hair accessories.

As I have mentioned before, I have bought each of my bridesmaids hair accessories to match their dresses in a 'same but different' kind of way.

My sister had a hair trial on Saturday and we opted for a side bun. It looked great but we may need to reconsider as she has so much hair that the weight of it meant it didn't last long once we had left the salon.

We may change it to a side pony style with more tumbling waves as the 30 grips didn't keep it up. All of the girls have such long hair that this could be a general problem!

However, the style will incorporate these bargain accessories I got at a wedding fayre...

Each has a colour to match their dress plus a silver one to go with it. They look great in and bring the bridesmaids together nicely. Can't wait to see them all on the day!

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