Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday Shoes.

To round off bridesmaid week, it only seems right to share my bridesmaids shoes with you for this week's Sunday Shoes.

Now, I imagine I am in the same situation as most brides in that my bridesmaids are all very different. By this I mean they have different personalities, interests, hair colour, dress sizes, heights and shoes sizes.

The different colour dresses have worked well to complement their different skin tones and hair colours but I was still having trouble with shoes.

By bridesmaids range from my sister at just 5'2" to my best friend at 5'10" with a 5'6" and 5'8" in between. My sister knew from the outset that she wanted skyscrapers so she wasn't dwarfed by the other girls. My taller bridesmaid avoids heels most of the time to avoid looking too tall. Another bridesmaid doesn't mind the height issue but just isn't confident in heels and the fourth wanted 'quite high but not too high'. I could see this wasn't going to be easy.

I wasn't bothered about the girls all having the same shoes as I wanted them to be comfortable and also knew that the floor length dresses would be you would hardly see the shoes. However, I wanted them to complement each other and so we opted for a silver shoe. And I am pleased to say that as of last Wednesday, a 6 month hunt for shoes has been completed.

We came across my sister's shoes (second from left) by chance in Next. They were silver, super high and nice and sparkly. They were also very reasonable at £32. Sold!

Finding the flat shoes for the tall and heel averse bridesmaids was much harder. I googled everything from 'flat ballerina' to 'silver pumps' and was coming up with nothing. I thought these would have been the easier ones to find but it took literally months. And then, last week, Next came up on top again and we got some super comfy but super stylish flat ballerinas with a sparkle detail on the front. Another bargain at only £25 too!

Finally, I struck gold in Next for a third time when I found the exact same shoes as my sister but in a low heel version. Unfortunately, they weren't online so I frantically drove back to the store to buy what I believed were the only pair anywhere!! I am pleased they match my sisters but are still comfortable enough for my bridesmaid.

So there we have all 4 pairs which are individual to each bridesmaid's request but also look nice together. I think the important thing to remember when picking shoes (or any part of a bridesmaid's outfit) is that they are your friends and you need to make sure they are happy and comfortable. Of course, there has to be give and take and you probably don't want them walking down the aisle in slippers or requesting you buy them Louboutins but if you can come up with something you all agree on then everyone's a winner!

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