Saturday, 18 February 2012

Hair trials.

Today me and my sister went to my regular hairdresser to have a hair trial for the wedding.

I have been so indecisive over how I wanted my hair; up/down, fringe/no fringe, blonde/brown...

When deciding how to have your wedding hair, I think you can go one of two ways:

1. Go for a more special version of what you would normally have. So if you have your hair up a lot, wear it up but in an extra special way

2. Go for something completely different so it feels like a change and even more special. If you always wear it down, maybe go up.

I decided to go for option 1 and have a more special version of my normal hair. I wanted to feel like me which is a bit messy/boho laid back with plenty of volume.

I watched countless youtube videos and googled loads of images so I could go to my hairdresser with a good idea of what I wanted. I am pleased to say she pulled if off a treat...

She added a cute little fish tail plait to one side to make it a little bit different. I love plaits (especially fish tails) so really like this random detail. She used GHDs (what did we ever do before hair straighteners??) to create waves rather than curls as I wanted to keep it natural looking.

A fair amount of backcombing and my beautiful hairband finished the look. The hairband is from the shop where I purchased my dress and was handmade by the lady who owns it. It is unbelievably sparkly!

I know it's not a traditional 'done' wedding style but it suits me and I really like it. What's more, 10 hours later and the waves are still wavy and the height is still high!

My bridesmaids are having messy side buns and the hairdresser managed to tame my sister's thick hair into a lovely one. They also have really cute accessories to finish the look. Can't wait!

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