Saturday, 25 February 2012

Duty free delights.

Monday morning started off badly for me with a 5.30am alarm. I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination (as in 8am is still a struggle) so this just about killed me. As I was catching a train to catch a flight I had no choice but to actually get out of bed when the alarm went off. Snooze was not abused on this occasion!

After successfully catching the right train, checking in and enjoying an 8am Whopper Meal (shameful but very satisfying!) I killed some time with some duty free shopping. For some reason I didn't think you could shop duty free on an internal flight (I was just off to Edinburgh for a work trip) but you can!

Obviously, no-one needs anything that is available in duty free. But they so clearly mark up how much you're saving that you can't resist - well I can't resist anyway!

I thought my bridesmaids goody bags were complete with the jewellery, sweets, chocs and candles but the perfect little bonus gift caught my eye.

Now, there are several reasons why these were absolutely, completely and utterly necessary and are in no way over the top, one step too far or an extra we could have done without and I shall explain this!

1. They came in a set of 4. I have 4 bridesmaids. Totes fate.

2. The colours are practically the same as the bridesmaids dresses (well blue and green are but dark pink is close to red and light pink is bascially white).

3. I am wearing Marc Jacobs Oh Lola and these are also Marc Jacobs. It's good to be consistent.

4. They are miniture! This is the same excuse I use when I eat a whole pack of mini donuts too.

5. They cost just over £30 for the set.

So, as you can see, I was left with little choice than to add them to the bridemaids' goody bags.

Is it bad that I sort of want to be my own bridesmaid now?!

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